The Faye Carol School Of The Getdown

"I had the first Rainbow Coalition:

black, white, men, women, young, old, gay and straight. We love each other and learn music together.

Do you want to join the family?"

SOGD March 2019
SOGD March 2019

Inaugural SOGD Beachside Retreat
Inaugural SOGD Beachside Retreat

Half Moon Bay, September 2018

November 2016 SOGD
November 2016 SOGD

SOGD March 2019
SOGD March 2019


School of the Getdown One Day Vocal Intensive 

Saturday July 31, 2021


$160 donation

Classes are held in a private location in Oakland

Address provided upon donation completion 

About the school:

This adult and young adult workshop series is open to students of all levels & singing experience.  


Improve and/or develop musicianship, improvisation skills, and stage presence. Have fun & increase confidence in a supportive environment.   End of session concert for family & friends followed by a delicious potluck dinner.


The class is accompanied by pianist  Joe Warner.  Each student is asked to bring music in their key to the 1st class. Both group & individual singing is offered.


Got questions? Email for answers :-)

Exceptional Piano Accompaniment By 

Joe Warner

The School of the Getdown meets Jam Camp West!!

Teaching the young folks in the woods, 2018 

Young folks love Mama Faye, Mama Faye!!

Getdown Family Voices

Students who complete the vocal workshop series occasionally have opportunities to perform with professional singers, musicians, and more School Of The Getdown alumni.  Past venues include Yoshi's, Eastside Arts Alliance & the Black Repertory Theatre in the Bay Area.