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School of The Getdown presents

One-Day Vocal Intensive

March 16, 2024, 12-4pm

Study the gift of song with master vocalist Faye Carol


Hosted at a beautiful #Oakland location, these one-day workshops include group singing, harmony, improvisation, opportunity for working on two solo pieces, games, and a chance to win exclusive Faye Carol Apparel. Faye Carol's classes are always a supportive, loving environment where all are welcome!


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"I had the first Rainbow Coalition:

Black, white, men, women, young, old, gay and straight. We love each other and learn music together.

Do you want to join our family?"

Getdown Family Voices 

Students who complete the vocal workshop series occasionally have opportunities to perform with professional singers, musicians, and more School Of The Getdown alumni.  Past venues include Yoshi's, Eastside Arts Alliance & the Black Repertory Theatre in the Bay Area. 

SOGD Yoshi's.jpg

Faye Carol Spreading 
Love Thru Music To The Youth
In The Many Communities
Of The Bay Area
Through The Decades!


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