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"The Berkeley vocalist earns the “Dynamic” tag every time she takes the stage, delivering powerful sets of music that seamlessly blend soul, gospel, R&B and, most definitely, the blues." - Jim Harrington, Mercury News, 2021

"The one and only Dynamic Miss Faye Carol, one of the Bay Area’s best jazz, blues and R&B vocalists" - Jim Harrington, Mercury News, 2021

"Active since the 1960s, The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol is arguably the hardest-working live musician in the East Bay." - Nastia Voynovskaya, KQED, 2020

"Steeped in jazz, blues, and R&B, Faye Carol turns every performance into a triumph." - Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle, 2018

"If you have yet to see the Dynamic Miss Faye live, I suggest hauling ass to Berkeley. She certainly does live up to her name. Performing blues and jazz songs from yesteryear with accompaniment from Joe Warner on piano, the pair bounce off one another, creating a spectacular show. The vocal range and sporadic, rapid rhythm of The Dynamic Miss Faye is executed with such finesse and artfulness that it's jaw-dropping...and a complete joy to witness." - Ria Burman, The Bay Bridged Blog, 2018

"(Faye) Carol can croon soul and standards, scat hurtling bebop lines and deliver torch songs with scorching intensity, and everything she does is steeped in the blues." - Andrew Gilbert, Berkeleyside, 2018

"Every Faye Carol performance is a master class - a deep dive into the soul-steeped marrow of jazz and blues.  A Bay Area institution, the Berkeley vocalist needs only one set to leave an indelible impression on her listeners who know just what to expect if they pay attention to her billing as The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol." - Andrew Gilbert, Bay Area News Group, 2016

"Faye Carol has a voice as seductive as silk, as broad as a river, and as sweet, bracing, and brassy as a Louis Armstrong solo." - Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle, 2003

"She's capable of manhandling a crowd like no other Bay Area singer, and can make any local jazz club feel like Carnegie Hall." - East Bay Express, 2008

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