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Artist Background

The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol is one of the premiere vocalists of her time. Her unique style and gift of connecting with her audience is astonishing. Arranging jazz standards and other popular songs in her own way, is nothing new to Miss Carol. She began this decades ago, well before mixing genres such as hip-hop & jazz were so widely embraced.


Miss Faye has maintained an incredible consistency throughout the decades.  As a result, she has successfully reached her initial goal of being a full time artist through many changes in the music industry.  She & her late husband Jim Gamble went the independent route before it became popular for artist to make their own records, build a fan base (without a record label), and promote their brand.


Known for her outwardly loving embrace and support of all, Faye Carol remains a conduit for bringing together many communities through music.  The founder of School of The Getdown, she's effectively developed two programs to serve the bay area community.  MITC & School of The Getdown have triumphantly supported hundreds of youth & adults in becoming more confident & skilled musicians. 


Photo credit: DJ Studios

Photo credit: Tony Kay

Photo credit: Kito Kamili

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